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Successful Tenders made easy.

Results-Driven And Outcome-Focused Tender Writing Services, Tender Courses And Tender Templates.​

A Melbourne tender writing company that challenges the way tendering is done. Dawtek works with businesses to write winning content for future growth and business sustainability.

From developing your bid strategy to positioning your business and offer in a completely different light, we edge out the competition and focus on the benefits and value of your products and services.

Dawtek specialises in tender writing and training that tells your unique story for your ideal customer. Our mission is to empower businesses to make a difference by giving you the roadmap and tools to repeat your tender writing success and grow your business.

Tender success is not that easy.

From Request for Tenders, Expression of Interest and Request for Quotations, each customer has a differing set of requirements, and the structure of each tender can be complex.  This includes tender schedules, capability statements, policies and procedures and so on.

Our approach will help you.

Through tailored tender writing services, tender templates and tender documents, tender courses, or hourly rate services, let us help you empower your business to thrive and elevate your position in the marketplace.

Game changing tender
writing that shows
your value

I’m Kristine Daw, your go-to tender professional. I write tenders for businesses and social enterprises.

I know that winning a contract is life-changing. It can turn your business around. Open up new opportunities. Enable you to grow your team. Attract more of the right clients. And achieve all of that repeatedly as your business thrives.

And I Also Know That Every Business Is Unique!​

To support your business, I have created a range of affordable tender solutions to give you a winning edge over your competitors. From tender courses and tender templates as well as tender training, my services enable businesses to deliver compliant and compelling tenders.

The truth? Successful Tenders Are Not About Your Business.

The best tenders are about the benefits, value and solutions you bring to your client. And when you’re pitching against big-name competitors, the way you package all of that up in an easy-to-read proposal is how you stand out from the crowd.

When you nail that must-win tender, it leads to further growth, opportunities and innovation and keeps your doors open.  I know because I’ve helped thousands of Australian businesses secure tenders in my 23 years of tender writing and training.

Unsure where to start?

Tenders can be overwhelming & confusing, but we’re here to help. At Dawtek, our goal is to make this process as seamless as possible for you. Unsure of exactly where you need assistance or what you are after?

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