Why me?

I love what I do!

i’m kristine daw

I’m Kristine Daw and I love writing tenders. I love working with businesses – their success, is my success.

18 years ago, I quit my job and started Dawtek, there were 4 tender writing companies in Melbourne at that time. I started with nothing, but a computer, desk and chair and head full of ideas.

As a small business owner, I realised that starting and growing my business wasn’t as easy as I first thought. I then decided to develop my services to meet the needs of my clients and giving them the best possible service.

Through continual innovation, my skillset and services have coped and moved with the changes seen in the tendering process. I have developed Australia’s first online completed Tender Training, and now offer workshops, custom training and of course tender writing services.

My services aren’t based on a ‘one size fits all’ approach; you are different, your business is different. And the results of 75% win and shortlisting rate speak for themselves. Millions of dollars in contracts and business success Australia wide – how can you not love this!

I’m also a huge fan of small business. Small business are the cornerstone of the Australian marketplace. And being one myself, I am very proud to work with other small businesses in growing themselves through tenders. This is a foundation they can build on, and establish themselves as long term businesses and make a real difference.”

Fast forward…. I’m still here, and that is one success. I know how hard the marketplace is and I believe every business has the opportunity to grow and thrive. Sometimes they just need a hand.

meet me

I am a very happy go-lucky person, with a love of life! Here are some fun facts about me:

  • I have a 5-year Max who just started prep this year and he keeps me on my toes
  • My mum and dad took me on the Trans Siberan Railway, when I was 2 (sometime in the early 1970’s’) – this is where the traveling started
  • I have travelled to 72 countries, yet I just hate flying! I’d take a train or bus any day!
  • I met my partner after 23 years, whom I went to high-school with.
  • My favourite foods are Spanish and French
  • My favourite drink is champagne
  • I have three cats, Merlot, Moet and Shiraz

From an education perspective, I have an MBA, a Diploma of Freelance Journalism, a Bachelor of Applied Science, Computer and Mathematical Sciences, and are a Microsoft Certified Professional.


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