Frequently Asked Questions

I have never tendered before, where should I begin?

Tendering can provide your business with a world of opportunity. Not getting the process right, will not only cost you time and money but can also damage your reputation. At Dawtek, I understand the costs of tendering, and I have a range of resources to help you start. You can view my blogs here, or you can get started with my 5-day Mini Tender Course or purchase a template and get started immediately. Also, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions.

How you guarantee the confidentiality of my information?

At Dawtek, my business, my reputation and my livelihood are based on ethical business dealings. I understand the importance of your information, as it is your reputation and livelihood. I guarantee all your information is secure, and I am happy to work under a confidentiality agreement.

Can you help me make my tender look professional?

I understand the importance of a professional tender; it is your business in a document. Not only can I design you a tender document which represents your brand and business, I can also provide you with advice and support in developing images, charts and graphics for your business and how to present the information in the most engaging format.

I submit a lot of tenders, but are not successful? How can Dawtek help me improve?

I can help you improve your tender win rate through a variety of ways. Firstly, I recommend we should have a chat about your business and discuss your tenders. To understand why you have not been successful is essential. I can provide you with a few options, a training session or a tender review so we can review your tender in detail. I am going, being honest in the process to ensure you have the information and tools to enable you to be shortlisted and win.

What Is Bid/No Bid Planning?

A Bid/No Bid planning is an internal process that commences before writing your tender response. The plan involves responding honestly to a series of questions that establishes the likelihood of you being successful in your tender. Not all opportunities will be suitable for your business, so by implementing a bid/no-bid approach; you will improve your chances of success and not waste time on unsuitable bids. Looking to implement a bid no-bid process into your business, then click here for my template.

What is a Tender Review?

Sometimes referred to as a Tender Critique, or a Bid Review, this is the process of reviewing or scrutinising your tender documents, from front to back. This process provides an objective reality check from a fresh, unbiased, customer-based viewpoint. Planned and executed properly, this review turn a probable losing bid into a likely winner. For more information on my, Tender Review, click here.

What is a Tender Library?

A Tender library is a repository of documents and information that you need to access and use frequently for the tenders you respond to. A tender library can contain (and isn’t limited to) capability and experience information, company policies, certificates, templates, boilerplate responses, certificates, case studies, awards and, essential company information, etc. The files are held electronically and referenced that they are easy to find. The main challenge in maintaining an excellent tender library is keeping all of the information current. For more information on my Tender Library, click here.


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