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Are you using these documents to support and add value to your tender submission?

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Kristine Daw is the Managing Director of Dawtek, a Melbourne-based company specialising in tenders and proposals, tender training, copywriting, editing and creating business templates. Kristine and her small team have a range of clients including small businesses, multi-national corporations, all levels of government and not-for-profits.

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When it comes to tenders, I like to think of this site as your one-stop tender destination. I’ve been in this industry for 15 years and I still love what I do as much as the day I first started. From developing tender responses, to tender training and developing business documents, it’s a wonderful privilege to be able to help businesses to grow and play a part in helping them to take the next step.

Tenders are not the easiest things in the world to put together. So many people just really don’t enjoy what’s involved – from the organisation and planning side of things, right down to the actual writing of the submission. I’m one of those rare people who loves every part of the process and after such a long time in the industry, I’ve learnt many things along the way. Just like everyone, I’m still learning new things each day!

One area where I find companies can experience difficulties when submitting a tender reply, is with the documents used to support and add value to their tender submission. Here are some pointers that’ll lead you in the right direction so that you’ve got the best chance possible of winning that next big contract.

Documents to include:

Case Studies – these are really important because they provide a working example of how your company has been involved in helping a client to achieve their goals from start to finish. They help to demonstrate your experience and the outcomes achieved. Look through your Case Studies and handpick those that are most relevant to your tender response.

Reference letters – think back to the days when you were fresh out of school or uni and applying for jobs. One of the first things any employer is likely to ask for are your references. Applying for a contract is no different. Being able to provide a letter of recommendation from a client you’ve worked with in the past, boosts your application providing it covers what it needs to. The letter should assess the characteristics, qualities and capabilities of the company being recommended.

Health and Safety documents – these relate more to high risk businesses but are really important if you fall into this category to show that your business has procedures in place and is adhering to the applicable health and safety standards relevant to your industry.

Policies and Procedures – again, these are essential as they relate to your business offering and help to demonstrate your capabilities and how you’re going to be able to achieve the necessary outcomes required. They also help to reiterate your professionalism.

Financial information – these documents verify your company’s financial position and help to prove that you’re capable of undertaking the work required if you were to win the contract.

Images of products/services that represent your business – don’t underestimate how important design is when it comes to your tender submission. Ensure your designer is using any images of products/services you have on-hand, to help enhance your submission. These images need to be relevant and represent your business. They shouldn’t be included just for the sake of having visuals.

Remember, these attachments should act as a support for your answers. They should not act as your answers (be mindful of wording like, “refer to document” for entire answers). Need help obtaining business template documents? You’ll find an extensive library of documents that help you to build your business here.

If you’re putting together your tender submission yourself, I always suggest obtaining an objective perspective from someone who isn’t involved in your business and who can help to ensure you’re responding to the tender and highlighting your unique offer and value.

For many years, I’ve been providing a wide range of tender services – everything from tender writing to strategy, reviews and critiques. Learn more here and don’t forget to grab your free tender eBook. If you’d like to discuss anything related to tenders further with me, get in touch today and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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