The Tender Training Workshops that will transform your business

If growing your business depends on you writing AND winning tenders … these workshops are for you!

Tenders are a GIANT pain in the bum!


I want to share my secrets and tricks of the trade to help you and your company prepare a tender submission that will give you an edge over your competitors.

Why? Because I love what I do, I love seeing companies succeed and I want to provide you with the tools and resources to win tenders and WOW your clients.



You could pay a consultant anywhere between $2000 and $5000 per tender

Or you could do it yourself


  • Life time access to the e-course, enabling you to work at your own pace, in your own time.
  • A myriad tools, checklists, workbooks
  • Tender templates and resources
  • Tenders responses based on real life experience
  • Access to ongoing course updates
  • Monthly group training calls
  • Email support for three months following the course
  • Private Facebook group for ongoing support and Q&A

This Complete Guide to Tendering is DIY, with all the support you need.


Let’s start the tender journey together and commence with a professional layout and content that sells your products or services underpinned by a tender strategy that adds value and addresses your clients problems.

Now you will be ready to write a winning tender!

Module 1: Tender Preparation & Planning

  • The ABCs of tendering, including five critical areas that you need to focus on for a winning response
  • The tender process in a step-by-step summary
  • How to determine whether to bid or not to bid via a simple process and using our checklist
  • What’s involved in developing a tender response strategy, from planning through to execution.

Module 2: The Tender Strategy

  • How to stay ahead of your competitors by identifying your unique spelling proposition (USP)
  • Why you need to have a strong understanding of what the client actually needs
  • How to discover the exact needs of the client
  • How to identify, create and implement your win themes
  • Your unique benefits and why your clients buy from you/use your services
  • How to show your value through story-telling and evidence-based resources.

Module 3: Layout & Presentation

  • Presentation is important: how to grab the client’s attention with a professional looking tender response
  • Key elements of a well presented tender: including both free and paid subscriptions for private and Government tenders
  • Creating your Tender Templates: having a branded document is a key part of your response. The tender document reflects your business.
  • Developing your Tender Structure: ensure you meet your client’s requirements.

Module 4: Why Writing is So Important

  • Basics of Writing, your response is a reflection of your business and its professionalism.
  • It is all about the client, focus should be on the client, and the benefits they’ll get from working with you.
  • Writing, understand key writing techniques to help the readability of your response.
  • Style, having a style guide, standard terminology and specific terminology for the client is important. The style guide provides your business with consistency across your communications.

Module 5: Writing Your Response

  • How to WOW your client; focusing on your tender cover page, cover letter and your winning executive summary.
  • About your business: how to describe your business, sell the benefits and the experience your clients will receive.
  • Capability and experience: what sets you apart from your competitors? You’ll learn how to use different ideas to present and develop your information in order to impress your clients.
  • Ability to service the contract: using key information to detail how you will service the client in line with their needs.
  • Key tender requirements: using key information, sample responses, checklists and documents to develop a winning tender response.

Module 6: Submitting Your Tender

  • Preparing for submission, tools, tips and strategies for ensuring your tender response is submitted on time for either an online or hardcopy submission
  • Design and Production, ideas for designing and presenting your tender to wow your clients.
  • Submission and Delivery, how to make sure your delivery is on time and compliant each and every time.

My goal is for your business to succeed.  This workshops will provide your business with the foundation you can build on, and establish yourselves as a long-term business and make a real difference in the marketplace.


If you are tendering for contracts without a plan. Tendering for contracts which aren’t aligned to your core business objectives can be a waste of time and money, and will distract your focus from opportunities that align with your business.

Having a clear plan and strategy of the specific tenders, products or services, clients and opportunities, coupled with defined win themes and a unique selling proposition, you will have more chance of success.

I have the experience – For the past 20 years, I have written hundreds of tender, generating millions of dollars in revenue to businesses. I write across all different sectors, for large corporates, SMEs and to solo-entrepreneurs.

I understand the evaluation process – Over the past 20 years I have had the opportunity to evaluate tenders, for private organisations and local councils. As an evaluator, I understand the systems used to measure tender success and have provided you with the insight to include in your response.


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