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Can you really have a holiday when running your own business?

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Kristine Daw is the Managing Director of Dawtek, a Melbourne-based company specialising in tenders and proposals, tender training, copywriting, editing and creating business templates. Kristine and her small team have a range of clients including small businesses, multi-national corporations, all levels of government and not-for-profits.

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It’s the question on every business owner’s lips: can you really have a holiday when running your own business?

Absolutely! In fact, if you ask me, taking a break at this time of the year should be non-negotiable for all business owners. After 15 years in business, I can safely say that I’ve tried my fair share of working around the clock. Recently though, I’ve realised the value of taking a break and have found that it actually makes me so much more productive when I am working.People talk pretty casually about stress and burnout these days. Neither should be embraced and seen as part of business. At the end of the day, you can’t do your best work when stressed and a bout of burnout, can be pretty detrimental to your business and more importantly, your health.

It’s almost Christmas and there’s no better time to wind down and allow yourself to spend quality time with your family and loved ones. Of course, depending on the situation you find yourself in business-wise, doing so is likely to take some careful planning ahead.

Here are 3 of the most important tips that I can offer to help you make sure you get some much needed R&R this festive season:

#1: Outsource as much as possible

We’ve all made the mistake of trying to be everything in our business. If you haven’t already, eventually, you’ll realise that this isn’t the most effective way to go about things. For example, if handling your bookkeeping means taking you out of your business for six or so hours each month, it’s likely to make more business sense to pay a bookkeeper who it may only take a couple of hours. Here’s a challenge for you: grab a pen and a notepad and jot down all of the tasks in your business that can be successfully outsourced. Of course, you’ll want to pick these tasks wisely and ensure you’re across them all to double check they’ve been completed properly.

#2: Use the resources you have on-hand to make your life easier

We’re incredibly lucky as business owners in 2016 – we’ve got so many resources at our fingertips that are just a quick internet search away. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel or to create your own resources. You’ll find a heap of resources available to you that can make your life easier online – I’m talking about all sorts of templates here such as customer complaints procedures, tender guides, presentation templates and so on. Once you download any of these templates, all you have to do is customise them to suit your business, which is incredibly easy. Of course, for the more technical templates, a huge benefit to using these templates is that they’re fully compliant and meet current legislative requirements. Why would you spend copious amounts of time creating your own documents or more dangerous still, fail to have the documentation you need to allow your business to thrive?

#3: Let go a little

As business owners, a lot of us tend to get stuck at times on our fixation with perfection. Getting something done and out there that can be tweaked, is much better than waiting for something to be perfect to launch. In my experience, perfection is almost impossible to achieve and I’ve seen too many businesses failing to get themselves out there just because they’re always waiting for ‘the right time.’ You know the drill: we need to pave our own way to success!

Taking a break and giving yourself some space away from your business is crucial for any business owner. Some of the best business minds out there actively schedule in ‘nothing time’ each day into their schedules where they reflect and allow their creative juices to flow. What I’m really saying here is: don’t feel guilty about taking a much needed break this festive season.

I can’t leave you without wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I’ll see you in 2017!