Tendering for Cleaning Companies

So, What Should I Focus On? When writing your proposal or tender response, it’s really important that you respond in a way that shows the client exactly how you’ll deliver the services if you win the contract. Always remember to demonstrate your ability using your past experiences and outcomes from similar contracts, and likewise the […]

19 years of lessons

Tender Training

19 years of business and the lessons I have learnt! Many people dream of starting their own business… but not everyone attempts to make that dream a reality. It is (understandably) daunting to take the personal and financial risk of setting up on your own or bringing that great idea you have been nurturing into […]

The Tender Process — Explained

If you’ve just joined your company’s bid team – or you’ve been tasked with compiling your organisation’s tender responses – you may not be feeling very confident at this point. In my last blog I explained the terminology you will see when you start to look at tenders.  In this blog I’ll give you a […]

Tender Terms — Explained

Overwhelmed by Jargon?  If you’re new to the tendering process it can seem overwhelming, especially if you’re not familiar with the minefield of tender terms and jargon.  So, I thought I’d go back to basics with an explanation of some commonly-used terminology. What is a Tender? An offer to carry out work, supply goods, or […]

5 Ways to Make Your Tender Stand Out

In the competitive marketplace, your tender response must not only satisfy all the mandatory requirements but it must also stand out against the other bidders. Private companies and government organisations call for tenders because they want to choose from a range of options. If you’re lucky you will only be up against a handful of […]

Is a Tender Just Customer-Focused Marketing?

customer-focused marketing

Customer-focused Marketing — a strategy where products and services are developed around individual customers’ preferences. Every now and then, I am asked this question: Is a tender submission basically a marketing document? My answer is always, “Yes … and No.” To be, or not to be? My tender writing services focus on showcasing your company’s […]

How to Become Tender Ready

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere”. – Lee Iacocca[1] What are your brilliant ideas? A Request for Tender (RFT) will typically contain a document of specifications, with a response template that includes sections for you to complete. Writing a successful Tender Response is […]

For every tender, write a positive response!

Writing positive tender responses will assist you in maximising the impact of your offer. We all know that positivity is important in everyday life, well, it is also important across your tender responses.

Why you need to use professional writers

professional writer

When you’re sick, you go and see a doctor. If your car breaks down, you take it to a mechanic. Similarly, if you are not winning tenders you should, if you can’t effectively communicate your point of difference or if you don’t have the policies and procedures to support your OH&S or Environmental responsibilities – […]

Getting your business tender ready?

It’s been more than 18 years since I first opened our doors here at Dawtek. Over the years, I’ve seen just how powerful Tendering can be as a business tool and as part of an effective Business Strategy. The numbers speak for themselves in relation to our Tender services given we’ve: Achieved a 75% overall […]