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Don’t know where to begin with your business marketing in 2017? Start here

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Kristine Daw is the Managing Director of Dawtek, a Melbourne-based company specialising in tenders and proposals, tender training, copywriting, editing and creating business templates. Kristine and her small team have a range of clients including small businesses, multi-national corporations, all levels of government and not-for-profits.

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The mere thought of marketing your business can be incredibly overwhelming. Even more so if you don’t have a lot of experience up your sleeve or a huge budget to work with. If you’ve done your homework and enjoy trawling through websites and business networking groups on social media, you’d be forgiven for feeling more confused than ever. After all, your general takeaways from these channels may look something like this:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is important.
  • Video marketing is on the increase and more important than ever.
  • Content is king so content marketing is important.
  • You don’t want to forget about social media marketing because that’s the way of the future and integral to your growth.
  • We haven’t even covered a fraction of the takeaways you’ve probably noted from the information you’re exposed to on a daily basis. It can leave you asking: how am I going to be able to do all of these things effectively?

As you can imagine, we’ve seen our fair share of trends and been privy to lots of discussions over the years. What I find most alarming are the business owners who consider cutting marketing when things get tight. This is one of the worst things any business – thriving or struggling – can do. How can you expect to generate more clients and revenue if you’re not getting your messaging and business out there? While some might stumble across your product or service, the majority won’t.

With so many different options and avenues available to business’ in 2017, the best place to start with your business marketing is with a solid Business Plan. Sure, it’s not something that excites the majority of business owners but it is something that is absolutely necessary. Doing this forces you to review your business – look at your mission, your point of difference, marketing and operation plans, financial plans and so on. It’ll also see you considering what isn’t working.

When you devise a Business Plan over a few weeks (it’s best to take your time with it as you’ll need to think through things and digest certain pieces of information), you’re helping yourself to avoid big mistakes in all areas of business, including your business marketing. You’re developing a game plan with clarity and keeping yourself accountable.

You may be one quick Google search away from finding a Business Plan template you can download and follow but don’t get disheartened if what you find doesn’t work for you. Having been in business for almost two decades now, we’ve applied a lot of the lessons we have learnt from the many Business Plans we’ve completed to create an easy to follow template for you to download. We have also put together other templates that will help you to complete your Business Plan without worrying if you’ve missed anything – we’re referring to our Marketing Planning Checklist, Product Price List, Competitor Analysis chart and so on (click here to see our full listing).

We’re all familiar with this popular saying: “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This has stood the test of time for many reasons – if you’re running your business without a solid strategic business marketing plan in place, create the change you need to succeed in 2017.

Know that if you’re feeling overwhelmed and as though you’ve got more things to do than hours in the day, you’re not alone. These emotions are very common in business. Don’t just push them down and ignore them. Seek out the help you need and use the tools you’ve got at your fingertips – don’t spend hours creating and figuring out what needs to be included in certain documents when templates are available right here to download and start using as soon as you need them.

Browse through over 600 business documents and templates for your business. If you need any help, feel free to get in touch with our team by giving us a call on 1300 329 835 or by emailing us.