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The ability to write a successful tender is, arguably, your most important business skill. It is worth investing the time and energy in learning how to do it properly. It is a skill that you will draw on for all of your working life. But also, your company or your job may depend on your ability to write winning tenders; such is the direction that business is taking. More and more, people and businesses are demanding a fair and transparent means of appointing suppliers. Putting work out to competitive tender is the only way to guarantee fairness and transparency.

A good proposal or tender is not easy to write; and it’s not intuitive. It’s a skill that needs to be learned – often through trial and error. But losing business is often the price of trial and error (more so error). So, it can be a costly way to learn. Reading and using this book should help you reduce the ‘trial and error’ aspect of learning how to write winning tenders.

I make a living by writing successful tenders for people like you. But I also understand that not everyone has the budget to pay a professional writer, or perhaps they just want to do it themselves. I also run Tender Training, so I am well versed in the road-blocks people face when learning to write a tender, and I also have enough experience and success to show you the important things to focus on, as well as how to address them.

This tender guide is designed to walk you the basics of the tender writing process. It provides you with the details of the tender process from start to finish. Getting well-acquainted with the content of this guide will set you on the right path to writing your own tenders.

This guide is a combination of my learnings from the hundreds of tenders I have written, and a condensed version of what I would teach you if you attended one of my training sessions. It is the guide you need to read if, in your professional role, you write, coordinate or contribute to the tender process in some form. Once you have read and digested its contents you will have an actionable road map to writing winning tenders.

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