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Demonstrating Emotion in Tender Writing, to build connections and inspire action

Demonstrating Emotion in Tender Writing, to build connections and inspire action

In the competitive world of tender writing, where tenders are often evaluated based on capability, experience and pricing, it’s easy to overlook the power of emotion.  After 24 years of writing tenders, I have learned that emotion can play a crucial role in decision-making. It can influence how people perceive information and ultimately guide their […]

2024 is around the corner. Let’s level up.

Tendering for contracts in 2024 will look a bit different. Certainly, the landscape of tendering and contracts is continuously evolving with advancements in technology and changes in market demands. Let’s keep up with this and not get left behind in this space. While we don’t have exact information about specific events or developments in 2024, […]

Can AI write my tender response?

Are you already sick of hearing the two letters AI? Is it overwhelming or exciting for you? I feel like we went from zero to 100 so fast and now I’m peddling to try and keep up. Are you wondering if you can use all of these new AI tools to cut down on time […]

Shift your mindset. Being the Cheapest doesn’t always win.

So many of my clients ask me, don’t I just need to be the cheapest? Success is often measured by how much money one can save, especially in the business world. It’s believed that winning the bid is all about offering the lowest price. Don’t get sucked into this approach and I urge you to […]

My advice to Tendering Tradies.

Listen up, tradies. Don’t lose hope if you’re struggling to find work in the construction industry. There are several ways to find new opportunities, like checking job board websites, networking, contacting staff agencies and checking with the unions. Tendering is another great way to gain new contracts, but it might be something you have been […]

19 years of lessons

Tender Training

19 years of business and the lessons I have learnt! Many people dream of starting their own business… but not everyone attempts to make that dream a reality. It is (understandably) daunting to take the personal and financial risk of setting up on your own or bringing that great idea you have been nurturing into […]