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Have you just been asked to submit a TeNDER and you don’t know where to start?

Are you ready to win that contract? Have you been procrastinating? Here are the instructions, templates and formats you need to get things finally underway.

Writing a tender is a competitive process, so it’s essential for you to stand out from your rivals. Writing and winning is a very powerful achievement!

Writing a successful Tender is a learned skill and it is worth investing the time and energy to learn how to do it properly. If you’re a small- to medium-sized business, but you’re not in a position to outsource the actual writing, this toolkit will set you up with the good habits and practices you’ll need when preparing this and future proposals you’re your prospective clients.  And you can also use this information to start writing those pesky tenders and bids.

Hi, I’m Kristine Daw

This Tender Toolkit is written by me.

I make a living by writing successful proposals, tenders and bids for people like you. But I also understand that not everyone has the budget to pay a professional writer, or perhaps they just want to do it themselves.

I also run Tender l Training, so I am well versed in the road-blocks people face when learning to write a tender. I have enough experience and success to show you the important things to focus on, as well as how to address them.

With almost 20 years of tender writing experience and over a billion dollars’ worth of contracts won for my clients, you won’t find this kind of knowledge anywhere else (or anyone willing to give it all away!).

My experience ranges across industries from Federal Government to small business, and it’s my mission to give you the information you need to get a head-start on your proposals and help you win new business.

Have you ever felt like this:


Have you given up because your mind becomes as blank as soon as you start to write your tender?


Do you keep comparing yourself to your competitors and think you’ll never be as good as them so why bother?


Have you thrown away so tenders or not submitted them, as you didn’t know what to write?

With this toolkit, you will receive all the information you need to get started to write your winning tender.

From a cover letter, to the schedules to highlight your key people and your skills and experience.  All supported by my Cheat Sheet, a 12-page document on the key aspects you need to consider when writing your tender

But wait… there’s more!  You also receive a complete Tender template for your business – because every company at some stage needs a write a tender or a proposal, right?

This is all worth over $700.00 – but you can get it today for just $27!

This toolkit is amazing value because I want you to succeed!

business templates

I know how time-consuming and frustrating it is to come up with a tender when you’ve never done it before, or you’re strapped for resources, or you have countless other tasks requiring your attention. 

Now you can put your tender documents together with a structured plan and a complete understanding of exactly what it is you are required to do, because I have done the bulk of the hard work for you!


Cover Letter

Grab your client’s attention with this cover letter which provides the client with why you are the best company for the job. Written in MS Word, it includes instructions on how to update the information. Include your company name and logo and you are ready to send to your client.

TEnder Template

The Tender Template is a general-purpose proposal document with a structured, easy-to-follow format. It has 15 pages of comprehensive information to enable you to create an effective business proposal for your small- to medium-sized organisation. It includes instructions on how to update the formatting and how to complete each section.


This eBook provides over 40 pages of information on how to write a successful tender. From the tender process, to understanding those common tender questions.

From explaining terms to layouts and information to include, use this eBook to  to stand out from your competitors and write a winning tender.

Cheat Sheet

Every business has its highs and lows, but in my experience, you can give your business a competitive edge by tendering. But, before you start to write your tenders and proposals, you need to know what it’s about—and how it’ll stand out from your competitors.

This cheat sheet is jam-packed with all the information and includes the ten things you must include when you are writing your next tender or proposal.


My tender skills have come a long way and even though I still have a way to go and still need to find time to implement all your suggestions. But after using your template and a few of your suggestions I have won two tenders in the past two months, compared to only winning one in the previous 8 months.  Thanks again for all your help, I really appreciate it.

Your professional advice, guidance, and support along with the detailed provision of tools and templates to prepare my own personalised tender document are so greatly appreciated. I can see the advantages and usefulness of today’s session and the tender document and look forward to utilising this in my future business proposals/appraisal.

Kristine and her business Dawtek, is the No. 1 go to tender professional.  Kristine’s ability and speed to ascertain the goals and context of the job and help us to deliver the best response possible is incredible.   Teaching us how to write better, by simply following her example is an additional bonus. Subsequent tenders we have written have been even more efficient and the win rate speaks for itself. We are so grateful we found Kristine and think of her now as an essential part of our extended team.


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