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How to Finally Write and Win More Tenders to Win More Contracts Quickly and Without Hiring a Professional


You could be just one contract away from the biggest win of your business. A win so big that you’ll never have to worry about cash flow again. Now imagine if you could land as many of those contracts as you want… (Without investing thousands in a professional tender writer every time).

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Why Small and Medium-Sized Businesses Only Win About One in 50 Life-Changing Contracts

Hiring a professional to write your tenders is a big investment.

You can expect between $4000 and $10,000 for each tender. With no guarantee of winning that big contract.

You might need ten tenders before you secure the contract of a lifetime.

How do you compete with top businesses who can afford to spend $100,000s?

You can write them yourself, of course. Perhaps get someone in your team that knows about writing to do it.

That’s what about 98% of small and medium-sized businesses do.

But they still don’t win any big projects.

They face set-back after set-back.

Frustrating hour after hour trying to write them yourself. Or paying a team member or freelancer…

$100s or $1000s invested without winning any big contracts.

Write Your Own Winning Tenders That Win More Than Big Companies With Big Budgets

Hi, I’m Kristine, a professional tender writer for small and medium-sized businesses for almost two decades.
Throughout my career, I’ve worked with people who stay awake at night worrying about the future of their business.

Wondering how they’re going to pay their employees next month…

Going through the pains of never getting that lucky break.

Feeling frustrated because they know they’re the best company. But don’t know how to show it. Especially when they’re competing with the big players.

Most of all, small and medium-sized businesses worry about cash flow. And whether they can really afford to invest so much in a professional tender writer.

That’s when I decided to create The Complete Guide to Tendering – Australia’s first program for businesses teaching how to write their own winning tenders including…

Everything I’ve used to get a 75% average win and shortlisting rate throughout my career generating several millions in profit for Australian businesses. The recipe for writing, structuring and submitting winning tenders that all us old pros use.

Every tip and trick I use to give you the edge over 95% of your competitors

My mission was to condense two decades of experience into a done-for-you training program.

So you can increase your chances of landing that life-changing contract or getting your next big project by writing your own tenders.

Without investing thousands for each tender in a professional.

Without worrying about how to position yourself as the best candidate.

Without worrying about competing with more-qualified businesses with much bigger budgets.

Invest Today And You’ll Get Instant Access To…

Step-by-step action plans that guide you through the entire writing process to maximise your chances of winning the big projects.
The exact ingredients I’ve used to write, structure and submit winning tenders for almost 20 years generating millions of dollars for Australian businesses
All the templates and checklists I use on every single project that get my clients the contract (or shortlisted) on three out of four submissions.
Industry secrets from almost two decades of hands-on experience that will make you stand out and give you the edge – Even when competing with more-qualified competitors.
Winning strategies that you can use on your next tender to potentially double, triple or 10X your response rate.
18 Fill-in-the-blank templates for winning tenders that will save you hours AND boost your chances of success

What You’ll Get By Investing In The Complete Guide to Tendering Today

  • A walkthrough all the technical parts of the tender process without the jargon – No more time spent trying to interpret and decipher the terminology
  • How to write, structure and submit your tenders to double, triple or 10X your winning rate.
  • Uncover your unique selling proposition (USP) and use it to give your business the edge over more qualified candidates.
  • How to strategically create and position your offer so you win more projects.
  • Dozens of new approaches to grow your business in ways you didn’t think were possible – Just one win could change your business and life forever.
  • How to create professional and branded tender documents on demand – Without all the back-and-forth with an expensive professional contractor to make sure your tender reflects your missions and values.

More Specifically, Here’s What You’ll Get in Each Module


  • What exactly is a tender, and the tender process from start to finish. All the tender terminology you’ll need to know to write a winning tender that attracts bigger clients.
  • The key elements found in all winning tenders that you can use as a foundation to write yours.
  • A full understanding of the tendering process so you can put together a water-tight plan that’s the foundation of your success.


  • How to research your market so you can create an offer the client finds irresistible – Giving you the edge over everyone else.
  • How to clearly find and express your USP in your offer that’s aligned with the client’s brand and mission – Giving you even more of an advantage.
  • Developing your tender strategy including ‘Win Themes’ and how you’ll be more successful by using the ‘value-first’ approach.
  • Refine your winning strategy and how to express this in a way that will ‘Wow’ the client – The same winning strategy that has given me a 75% success rate with my clients over the last two decades.



  • How to present the tender so you instantly stand out from your competition to double your chance of landing the contract.
  • The key elements of a well-presented winning tender, and how you can use it yourself.
  • How to strategically use branding to make an instant connection with the client – Your tender document is your business on paper. So make it count!
  • Proven templates that you can use to structure a winning tender and your response structure – This alone can cut the time you spend on your winning tender in half


  • The key parts of a compelling response, and how to use them so your success rate goes through the roof.
  • How to write a winning response in minutes that would otherwise take an hour.
  • How you can use your market research to make sure your response focuses 100% on the client’s wants and needs – This alone will make you a prime candidate in their eyes.
  • A round-up of the most common mistakes found in unsuccessful and average tenders, and how to avoid them – If you don’t want to invest thousands in a professional writer for every tender, you need to know them.
  • Access to a style guide that I’ve used as a reference sheet for almost 20 years in all my winning tenders.


  • The most effective ways to position your tender to different clients and their different needs.
  • Understanding the elements of your cover letter and Executive Summary in a way that best showcases your organisation, capabilities, experience and products –In a way that addresses the client’s specific needs.
  • Why you need case studies and testimonials, and how to use them in the most effective way to show that you’ll deliver what you promise.
  • How to collect testimonials from previous clients so they’re more effective in future tenders – Most testimonials are generic, and a one minute tactic could give you glowing reviews that wow your client. (Not mentioned, but could you include in course?)
  • All the issues you need to address to position yourself as an authority in the eyes of the client including transition and implementation, risk management, quality assurance and more


  • The steps involved in submitting your tender so you deliver at the most strategic time to give you an advantage (and never again worry about missing deadlines).
  • The essential parts of a winning tender in both the preparation and designing stage.
  • Understand what almost two decades in the industry taught me about producing and presenting your submission in the most powerful way.
  • How to use a structure process to streamline the submission stage of your tender to both save you time and make sure you never miss a deadline.


Small to medium-sized business owners like yourselves don’t want to spend hours building your tenders yourselves.

You want to make the process as streamlined and efficient as possible WHILE still having a tender that wins you the big contracts.So, I’ve included 18 templates, tools and resources as a bonus.These are the exact same templates and tools I use when charging up to $10,000 to write a winning tender earning my clients millions of dollars.These will increase the speed you write your tenders by at least 10X and make the entire process as smooth and efficient as possible including:

  • A Consortium Approach Tender Letters
  • Case Study Worksheet
  • Company Analysis
  • Company Worksheet
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Environmental Management Policy
  • Health and Safety Management Policy
  • Personnel Summary Schedule
  • Quality Policy
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Style Guide
  • Tender Bid or No Bid Checklist
  • Tender Strategy
  • Tender Submission Checklist
  • Tender Supporting Documentation Checklist
  • Tender Template
  • Tender Worksheet
  • Win Themes
 Total value you’ll get by investing today: you’ll receive over $10,0000 of value.

Payment plans available – please contact us.


Investing in the Complete Guide to Tender Writing today will allow you to start writing winning tenders right now.

You’ll quickly increase the number of tenders you can apply for, and boost your chances of success. Without months or years of trial and error.

One successful contract could bring you $100,000s or even millions in revenue this year.

You’ll get lifetime access to the training, bonuses and support for just $1297 (incl. GST).

Or you could spend thousands on hiring a professional for every tender you apply for.

Payment plans available – please contact us.


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