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An objective perspective is a wonderful thing. My services provide you with an objective outlook, which ensures your company is carefully responding to the tender, highlighting your unique offer and value, and why your organisation should be the winner.

Having a fresh pair of eyes critique your tender means that information gaps are more likely to be identified and addressed; problems with flow can be fixed and the document can be given an overall ‘polish up’.

I can help you develop the tender so that it tells a story and appeals to its audience. Most importantly, not only to do we ensure that it is editorially robust, we also make sure that it is read through the lens of an evaluator; we look for what the evaluation panel looks for. Then we make sure nothing is missing.

I can provide tender critique services for your tender submissions. My review services include:

1. Does your response meet the tender requirements?
2. Does your solution offer value and client benefits?
3. Does your response address the tender evaluation criteria?
4. Does your response align to the client?
5. Does your response answer the question(s) and use the client’s response structure?
6. Is your response format, professional, easy to read and evaluate?

Small Tender – Up to 30 pages

Includes marked up document, tender checklist and follow up email.

$250 + GST

Medium Tender – 50-100 pages

Includes marked up document, tender checklist and follow up email.

$500 + GST

Large Tender – 100-200 pages

Includes marked up document, tender checklist and follow up email.

$800 + GST

My tender reviews evaluate your tender response against the tender specifications, and tender criteria. I am unable to review the cost or pricing structure of your offer.

To understand more about my tender reviews, call me on 1300 329 835 or send me an email to kristine@dawtek.com.au


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