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Welcome to our new look website!

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Kristine Daw is the Managing Director of Dawtek, a Melbourne-based company specialising in tenders and proposals, tender training, copywriting, editing and creating business templates. Kristine and her small team have a range of clients including small businesses, multi-national corporations, all levels of government and not-for-profits.

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Whew! What a fast-paced few months it’s been. Anyone who’s made changes to their existing website understands just how much thought and forward planning goes into such a task. For those of you who typed in our Docuhub website address into your web browser and were redirected to our Dawtek site, I thought I’d explain a little about why I’ve chosen to merge these two sites together.

In business, I feel as though one of the most important things you can do, is to ask your customers and repeat customers (otherwise known as your tribe) for their feedback. Whenever I went ahead and did this, people couldn’t understand why I’d chosen to have separate websites for both of my businesses. They felt as though both services were related and it would make more sense, and be more user-friendly for people already using both services, to house everything on the one website.

The more I thought about this approach, the more it made sense. The more I felt as though I could provide better service and value to the businesses I help to reach their business goals. After 15 years in this industry, I can safely safe that I still love writing tenders. So many times during my career, that confession has been met with a puzzled look by many people but when I think back to why I founded Dawtek – to help reduce the stress and strain on business owners sinking amid that vortex of essential but tedious tasks – I know I made the right decision to follow my heart all those years ago.

So, what will you find right here in this new and improved site? Personally, I never do business with anyone without getting to know them a little and what they value first. In my opinion, it says a lot about a person. You can read more about me and read-up on some of the work and clients I’ve been involved with since starting Dawtek.

Of course, you can also learn more about my services, which include everything from drafting tenders from scratch, to teaching you how to navigate your way through the process from start to finish. This brings me to one of my favourite components of this new website. Back when I was planning how the new site would come together and what was needed and so on, the thought of having a tender community really excited me. Like most people, I spend a lot of my time on Facebook so I thought: why not spend less time watching cat videos (you know you do too!) and turn this into a really worthwhile resource for you? That’s where a closed Dawtek Tender Hub came to mind. This isn’t just any old hub where you can connect with others – of course you can use the hub as a networking space, but my main aim with starting this is to give you unlimited access to countless tender information and resources. Additionally, this is the place where you get the priceless chance to ask any questions you have as you learn more and hone your tender writing skills. It’s easy to join our hub, simply sign-up here.

Another really crucial element to the site is our Resources centre. Previously, all of this content was housed on our Docuhub site but it’s found a new home right here. This is where you’ll find all of the business documents you need. They’re all put together for you and are customisable and ready to go once you’ve entered your unique details and most importantly, they all comply with current Australian legislation. I’ve had business owners write to me saying how much time these templates have saved them. If you ask me, running a thriving business is about working smarter, not harder. Why would you spend hours on end trying to figure out what needs to be in the documents you require to run your business on a daily basis when you can access them cost-effectively here?

Take a look at our 20 most popular documents (scroll down) – you’ll see there are a number of packages available to suit every business owner’s needs and budget. For a full listing of templates, click here.

Well, there we have it! I hope you love our new website and that you continue coming back to check out our new resources and read my blogs. If you’re interested in learning more about tenders or our library of information, feel free to get in touch and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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